Unfortunately there is no way to update a server name in a Coyote Point Equalizer through the GUI without deleting and recreating the server. However these changes can be made manually in the eq.conf file.

1. Login to your CP Equalizer device via SSH

2. Switch to the root user:
su root

3. Make a backup of the live configuration file in a temporary location:
cp /var/eq/eq.conf /var/tmp/eq.conf.bak

4. Create a second copy of this backup so we can edit it:
cp /var/tmp/eq.conf.bak /var/tmp/eq.conf

5. Edit the copy with vi:
vi /var/tmp/eq.conf

6. Either manually update each occurance or do a mass search and replace using the following command in vi:

7. Save the file and exit vi. Then confirm there are no syntax errors in the updated configuration file:
parse_config -i /var/tmp/eq.conf

8. Enter the following commands to update the configuration file and force an update:
cp /var/tmp/eq.conf /var/eq/eq.conf
shadow /var/eq/eq.conf

9. Log into the web interface and confirm your changes were successful.

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