I needed to enable PAE across a large number of servers, some running Server 2003 and some on 2008. Luckily these were part of an Active Directory domain so scripting the update did not require login details for each individual server.

The following batch file will loop through “servers.txt” and enable PAE on each one. Make sure to create the “servers.txt” file with the list of IPs or hostnames one per line. This utilizes psexec so if you need to download this it can be found here.

FOR /F %%i IN (servers.txt) DO (
::Enable PAE on Server 2003:
psexec \\%%i bootcfg /raw "/pae" /A /ID 1
::Enable PAE on Server 2008:
psexec \\%%i Bcdedit /set PAE forceenable

If this needs to be enabled on a small number of servers it can be done by running the appropriate command above in a command prompt.

Server 2003:
bootcfg /raw “/pae” /A /ID 1

Server 2008:
Bcdedit /set PAE forceenable

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