This article assumes you have already installed the HTTP Redirection role. If this has not been installed follow the instructions listed here first:
Install HTTP Redirection in IIS 7

*Note: IIS creates a new web.config file or edits an existing one when a redirect is added. To avoid causing issues with an existing web.config file it is recommended to create a new site in IIS specifically for the redirect. Then the home directory for this new site can be pointed to an empty folder.

1. Open IIS and select the desired site.

2. Double click “HTTP Redirect” under the “IIS” heading.

3. Check the box next to “Redirect requests to this destination:” and enter the desired URL to redirect to.

4. Check the box next to “Redirect all requests to exact destination”

5. Choose the desired status code for the redirect. Most users choose the “Permanent (301)” as it will tell browsers the location has permanently changed. If this is something temporary like a maintenance page, select either of the other two options instead.

6. Click “Apply” under the Actions heading on the right hand side and test the new redirect.

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