It is possible to restrict access to a specific site in IIS 7 by IP address or domain. This article will cover installing the necessary role and adding allow/deny rules.

First the “IP and Domain Restrictions” Role will need to be installed:

1. Click Start -> Administrative Tools -> Server Manager

2. Expand Roles -> Add Role Services under Web Server (IIS)

3. Check the box next to IP and Domain Restrictions under the Security heading

4. Click Next -> Install

Now the restrictions can be setup through IIS:
1. Open IIS and select the site you wish to restrict

2. Under the Features View click IP Address and Domain Restrictions

3. Click Add Allow Entry and enter the IP or range you want to allow access from

4. In order to deny all other addresses click Edit Feature Settings under Actions

5. Set Access for unspecified clients to Deny -> OK

2 Responses to “Configure IP Address Restrictions for IIS 7”

  • Alistair says:

    Great, Thanks

  • Mike Irving says:

    I have just set up a new server, Win 2008 Web Edition… and I did initially expect the IP Address Restrictions feature of IIS to be there by default. When it was not, I scratched my head a little, as it really isn’t that easy to find… until I found your guide, thank you.

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