Generally this error happens when mail was hosted on the server at some point, but has since been moved to an external mail server. Qmail will still try to deliver the message locally and fail with this error:

To correct this check the following two files for the domain in question:

Remove the line with this domain from both files then restart Qmail:
/etc/init.d/qmail restart

3 Responses to “Qmail/Plesk: This address no longer accepts mail”

  • Seth Crocker says:

    I appreciate the info you’ve provided on these control files. I was aware of the qmail/control/locals file, but had not the other two. Even though I have removed any reference to my domain in these 3 control files, Plesk updates the file periodically adding the domain information back in, thus preventing emails being sent out from the web server. Any idea why this is done or a way to prevent it?

    Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.

  • david says:

    seth –

    Make sure you don’t have email enable for the domain of interest. This could be why the files are being added periodically

  • Michael says:

    Thanks David, all you need to do really is disable email services in Plesk, if you are using an external mail server.
    You shouldn’t need to edit any config files after this.
    Mail should then route to the external server instead of trying to hit the local server.

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