First create a new Windows user which will have access to the directory. If this user already exists, skip to step #5.

1. Open Server Manager by clicking Start -> Administrative Tools -> Server Manager

2. Expand Configuration -> Local Users and Groups

3. Right click Users and select New User.

4. Enter the desired user name and password. Make sure to uncheck “User must change password at next logon” and check both options for “User cannot change password” and “Password never expires”.

5. Open IIS Manager by clicking Start -> Administrative Tools -> Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

6. Expand the server name in IIS then Sites. Expand the site in question and select the directory you are looking to secure.

7. Double click “Authenticaton” under the IIS heading on the right. If you do not see this, make sure you “Features view” is selected at the bottom of IIS.

8. Right click “Anonymous Authentication” and choose Disable.

9. Right click on “Windows Authentication” and choose Enable.

By default the new user we created will be a member of the “Users” group and this group has access to the directory we are securing. However if you want to limit this access to a select user(s) instead of all users on your server, follow the extra steps below.

1. Right click the directory again on the left side of IIS and choose Edit Permissions.

2. Click the Security tab and then click Advanced.

3. Click Change Permissions

4. Select the Users group and choose Remove

5. Click Add -> Advanced -> Find Now to browse for the new user

6. Click OK until all dialogue boxes are closed

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