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This can happen when files/directories have the “read only” attribute associated with them. There are many causes for this so I won’t go into that. However there is a quick way to fix this using DiskPart utility that is built in to Windows by default.

1. First open a command prompt. (Start -> Run -> cmd).

2. Type the command “diskpart” without the quotes

3. Once you see the “DISKPART>” prompt you will need to determine which disk the affected files are on. To do this type the following command at the DISKPART prompt.

list disk

4. From the image you can see that this computer only has one disk “0”. Select this disk with the following command and make sure to replace the # with the appropriate drive number.

select disk #

5. Type the following command to print the volumes contained on the server. My example only has one.

detail disk

6. Select the appropriate volume with this next command, replacing the # with your specific volume number from step 5.

select volume #

7. Lastly type the following command to clear the read only attributes from the affected fiels.

Attributes volume clear readonly