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1. Click “Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain” under SSL/TLS on the left hand side. Alternatively you can use the find feature to locate “SSL”.

SSL install in WHM

SSL install in WHM

2. Paste the certificate details in the top text box and then click a blank area on the page. CPanel will auto fill information based off the certificate text such as the domain and username.

Note: If the IP address is shared by multiple domains you will need to set the username to “nobody”.

3. If the key field was auto-filled in, just delete it and paste the matching key.

4. Paste the intermediate or CA file in the last text box.

5. Finally hit the Submit button located towards the top of the page.

6. Test navigating to the domain securely via a browser.

SSL failing after install?

Recently some SSL installs have been failing, despite being installed correctly. If this seems like the case check the httpd.conf file for something similar to:

DocumentRoot /usr/local/apache/htdocs

Comment out these lines, restart Apache, and test the SSL. If it is now working make sure to run the distiller so this change is not overwritten next time cPanel is updated:

/usr/local/cpanel/bin/apache_conf_distiller –update –main

You can regenerate the httpd.conf file to verify this was distilled properly: