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After installing Cyberghost VPN on a Windows 7 machine I was unable to launch the application. The following error was returned each time:
There is a problem with your Cyberghost VPN Installation. Should Cyberghost try to solve the problem automatically?

After choosing yes the application still failed to launch. I was able to resolve the issue by following these steps:

1. Open up Device Manager:
Start -> Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager

2. Scroll down to Network adapters and expand it.

3. Here I had three different “TAP-Win32 Adapter” instances each with a different V#. Right click each one and choose Uninstall.

4. Install OpenVPN which will install the appropriate TAP-Win32 driver. This can be downloaded here.

5. Now there will only be one instance of “TAP-Win32 Adapter” under Network Adapters and you should be able to launch Cyberghost without error.